Friday, February 4, 2011

(4-2) ASSIGNED READINGS: Edgar Cayce

Opium makes people feel wonderful and forget about all the troubles they have. Cocaine makes you feel like a million bucks and like you’re on top of the world. Yeah drugs are horrible and can lead to really bad problem, but shouldn’t we focus on how good it’s made people feel? To not do so would be quite a disservice and really step on those who have benefitted emotionally from these drugs. This is basically the article but instead of drugs it’s using mysticism and the paranormal. It constantly defends Cayce by touting Cayce because he made people feel good. I’m sure China Town Massage parlors do the same but we still look down on them.

The main point of this article seems to be that comfort and complacency far outweigh the absurdity of conning people and giving them a false sense of hope. I understand that what this man did may have made people feel just swell like they never had before but the point still stands he did it at the cost of their dignity. Living is blissful ignorance may be okay with some but in truth it’s an affront to the human mind. We are creatures built to learn and think. This man spit in the face of people and took them for a ride. Sure they felt good but it was false, it was a sham and a dirty lie. To be ignorant is to already ready yourself for the grave.

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