Thursday, February 17, 2011

(6-4) CRITICAL THINKING FILMS: Fundamentalism is a Mental Disease

Fundamentalism is a Mental Disease is yet another great short film clip with a retro flare examining the ridiculousness of Creationism or as often referred to as Intelligent Design. The video is straight and to the point and drives in its message like a sledgehammer into granite. Utilizing clips from various eras and mediums it really has a way of getting its message across.

The argument presented is the same as before with most of the videos and articles I have read. Intelligent Design is a whole lot of rubbish and always will be. Everything that is claimed to be scientific in anyway is always nothing more than a fallacy and an outright lie. These people who use it as a means to cripple evolution are nothing more than liars and thieves. They poison the minds of man all in the name of preserving the believe in an invisible sky man.

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