Thursday, February 10, 2011

(5-4) CRITICAL THINKING FILMS: Little Things that Jiggle

I liked this little video a lot. Yeah it was simple and basically did the job of a grade school science teacher but the way it was presented was pretty fantastic. The whole kitschy 1950’s school projector film tone mixed in with the UPA styled animation was just the things that could catch any sensible person’s eye. Then again I have an obsession with post war culture and all the fantastic creative minds that were born during the atomic age. From retro-futurism to the novelty toys like x-ray specs, I adore it all. This video had such moxy!

Back to video at hand and its substance. The film is basically in introduction into the four forces that make up our universe and how they influence almost everything. It’s done in such a way that makes it interesting and unique. The small hints it gives of space travel in conjunction with bits of B sci-fi are really spectacular. I can finally say I enjoyed a short film in this class. Shazam!

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