Friday, February 4, 2011

(4-5) CRITICAL THINKING FILM: Thakar Singh and the downfalls of gurudom

These 6 or so videos did nothing but piss me off. Thakar Singh is a piece of pedophile garbage that deserves to have his teeth kicked in. One of the worse things about cults is always the similar cases of the leader having intercourse with anything they can get their hands on. It sickens me so much that people have the ability to fall for the lies and deceit these mad men preach. Is having some sort of purpose really that necessary? Why do humans always feel the need to be more than just what they are? Why must they always feel this need to be part of something greater? Why not live just to live?

This man, this walking abortion is vile and he sickens me so damn much. Every single cult leader on the planet always has some sort of ulterior motive. I just, I just wish death on this man. If there is one thing I hate more than anything on this planet it is those who sexually abuse children and women. It just…it angers me.

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