Thursday, February 17, 2011

(6-2) ASSIGNED READINGS: Logical Fallacies

Fallacy Files is a web site that collects and archives numerous fallacies. The fallacies range from the logical to the most obscure of ad hominem. Everything is listed alphabetically as well as categorically for ease of the user. On top of the easily structures system there are dozens of separate links and articles that deal with the problem of common and uncommon fallacies. The database is kept up to date and made as accurate as possible.

The site is not without its faults. The design for the page is atrocious. From the fonts to the outdated use of tables the site just screams “update me!” Another huge problem is navigation and its web 1.0 set up. Everything looks as if it were created in dream weaver or worse, coded in notepad. As a graphic design student these things stick out to me and as a normal human being I can tell you one thing, people hate looking at ugly web sites.

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