Thursday, February 17, 2011

(6-3) EXPERT LECTURE: James Watson

James Watson is one of the two men responsible for discovering the genetic structure of DNA. The man has had an amazing career that garnered him praise and even a Nobel Prize. His discovery revolutionized the world of science and forever changed how the world is viewed. Without such a discovery thousands of humans would be dead or struggling with disease. Breakthroughs in the field of genetics would have never been found and we would be many years behind scientifically. James Watson, the partner to Francis Crick, brilliant and an icon of the science world…of yesterday.

In the lecture I gazed upon an old man who has lost touch with reality and almost all sense. The man stumbles on words, changes subjects or sometimes forgets them entirely. He is not what he once was and it is sad to see. Through most of the video he tackles the problems with Autism while trying not to sound sexist. This actually harms him in the process since he tries to fall back on jokes to make it look less so. While doing this he randomly brings up Rosalind Franklin and says unprofessional remarks towards her in a way to debase her credibility. For those who don’t know Mrs. Franklin was the a scientist who accused Watson and Crick of stealing her data and discovery of the DNA structure. While this is still up for debate, I find it odd that he keeps lambasting her. In the end the lecture served its purpose and showed us what a once brilliant mind is up to these days.

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