Thursday, February 10, 2011

(5-3) CRITICAL THINKING FILMS: The Myth of Eternal Recurrence

This whole theory or belief is rubbish, it’s mental, and it’s the ravings of a madman. After watching the video I did some research to learn more about the lunacy I had just viewed. Having a full grasp of the concept I’m reminded of the horrible Kevin Spacey film K-Pax and the amazing Sci-Fi Channel show Battlestar Galactica which constantly had the saying “everything that has happened before will happen again.” Even then it was done in a way that wasn’t as ridiculous. This states that everything happens over and over in the exact and identical way. Madness, straight up rubbish is what it is.

If this were true it would make everything pointless to an extent it would render even the pointlessness that is Nihilism pointless since it in a way gives it a non-purpose. I don’t have much left to say on something this laughable. This is almost as bad as every single religion combined and even those are pretty stupid on their own.

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