Thursday, February 10, 2011

(5-5) CRITICAL THINKING FILMS: Survival of the Sufficient

I hear loads of people go on about survival of the fittest and how it’s all that matter in the long run of things. Although I admire the hell out of Charles Darwin his whole stance on survival has become outdated. This is a good thing though since the point of science is to not remain at a constant. You have to continue the search for knowledge or you will become a religious doctrine. Most in the science world have forgot this. Scientists have instead become bitter and arrogant where they only care of their data or the data of the big names. Alterations and addendums are not wanted and it’s sad.

The point that this video is trying to make is that we have surpassed the need to only survive on strength and cunning alone. We have become a species that relies mostly on the power of the mind. We have mastered our domain and in doing so have cast aside the need to be stronger than other animals in a way that our hunter gatherer ancestors were. The times they are a changing and it’s up to us to make this realization come full circle.

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