Thursday, February 10, 2011


Every time I read Nietzsche I get into this Nihilistic mood. In this collection of writings the madman of mustache grooming touches on the subjects of self, religion, right, wrong and the usual shtick he’s known for. I don’t dislike Nietzsche I just dislike the mindset he’s placed on people. To the normal person who takes anything at face value they just see the man preaching the tenants of “the dude”. Big Lewbowski references aside, Nietzsche was doing far more than that and if anything this reading confirms that.

It would seem that Nietzsche’s main problem is not religion, or society as a whole or any of that conformist anti-conformist rhetoric we hear college students spout off about. What he’s getting at is that humans live too much in both the past and future. While knowing the past is swell and hoping for a better future is ace, it’s not worth a damn in the long run. It’s what we do now that matters and has any actual impact. What we do today will be looked back on while still affecting the future. We refuse to cast religion and ideologies aside so that we can have some sort of nostalgic connection to past and future. We delude ourselves and our humanity.

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