Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(2-1) EXPERT LECTURE: John M. Smith

We start off this week with what appears to be the general theme of man’s ability to favor ancient fairy tales over logic and reason. Our first video brings us to an elderly geezer John M. Smith, whose mind is sharper than most young people of my so-called generation. His years have brought him wisdom that can only be called sage like; minus all the idiotic chants, superstitions and oddly named incenses of the East. The near death gentleman speaks of evolution and natural selection in the most welcoming of manners.

Smith speaks with wild abandon saying things that make most uncomfortable and squirm. Stating that disorders may actually be a part of that magnificent bastard we call natural selection. He goes on to directly challenge the lack of study and thought put into modern day natural selection; the man rips at the jugular of modern science with such grace. There is no doubting that for being such a frail old son of a gun he was brilliant in an out of your damn mind sort of way. In a world where the elderly blabber on about god knows what while committing acts of self-defecation, Smith was different…and needed.

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