Thursday, January 13, 2011


I finish the film and I have thoughts racing through my head. My mind begins to wander in areas of obscenities and places that would better suit zoo keepers in Bangladesh. I settle my mind into a more calming environment and review what I have just seen and my god is it asinine. The whole thing reeks of students with base knowledge of something not yet ready to film. The film itself aside from content is an absurdity but that is best left to another person for another time.

They called this bad boy Karma, when in cold hard fact it’s simply a vehicle to showcase pre-school snuff. The music used to exaggerate the mindless and hilarious violence taking place via an abyss of black and white hardcore. What is this mess? Is it for our benefit or is it more? I see no Karma, I see only a cheap student film that edges on unintentional humor. The things and events, people and places that happen within this film are not of a nature to have the preposterous title of karma attached. No, instead it is only a collection of cause and effect, probability, chance and dumb luck.

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