Thursday, January 13, 2011

(1-2) ASSIGNED READINGS: Viruses of the Mind

When it comes to Richard Dawkins I’m use to reading him through his books and various interviews I come across. Would I call myself a fan of the man? Of course I would, the man promotes logic on a level that makes most weep and cry out in anger. So after reading “Viruses of the Mind” for a third time I can say that my understanding has gone up only slightly, how much more can you understand the understood? In my reading or re reading of the piece I have a few things to say or write as it would be in this case.

Religion, faith, belief and any other mumbo jumbo being compared to a computer virus is sheer genius. It’s a comparison that both gets the point across and hits the subject directly in the guy. I suppose as a person of no faith or obedience to mythology it’s much easier to understand and appreciate what Dawkins is speaking on. I’ll try and make it easier, which while doing a disservice to the man is far more welcoming to our “too long, did not read” society. First you take yourself an empty shell of a person worth almost nothing, a child. Next you begin filling that empty shell with all kinds of information that you would deem right and wrong. Stir it up and let it sit till adult hood and you now have a fully working human adult. But here is where the problem lies. Some of that information may have been corrupted and passed onto you. What you call morals and good faith, the logical would call lies and ignorance. You see what I’m getting at? People decide what other people become in most cases, so if you’re going to teach a child something, make sure it’s not the organic form of a computer virus.

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