Thursday, January 27, 2011

(3-5) CRITICAL THINKING FILMS: Nicholas of Cusa

I honestly don’t know what to say. Seriously I have nothing cheeky or funny to say. Normally I’d poke fun and mock how absurd this was but what am I supposed to say? “oi, look it’s small kit/ship and it’s accompanied my horrible music!” That’s too easy and an insult to laughter. I guess I’ll just break it down…I guess. So we have our title cards, alright very mundane. Oh look music, maybe we have something. Oh looks a ship…or is that a kite? How long are they going to show this? Good gravy I get it! Oh words, I like words. Oh, alright it’s this kind of video. Hey look, more words, another nugget of wisdom. Wait, what? Is that it, is it over? Okay. I uh, guess I should start writing on this. Oh! I already am. Well that was amusing. Oh look I managed to be cheeky afterall.

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