Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(2-3) ASSIGNED READINGS: The Physics Behind Four Amazing Demonstrations

By all that Andy Griffith holds dear, David G. Willey is a magnificent bastard! Reading his article on four spate classroom experiments made me envious of all of his likely ungrateful students. An instructor who actually performs feats of amazement, to make science come alive for the usual gang of brain dead slobs is fantastic and a bit endearing in a shut-in sort of way. Step by step he delivers a how-to guide of acts that could probably kill you if you mess one thing up. He knows the inherent danger but he does it anyway. He’s brilliant I tell you, plum dog brilliant!

After reading I asked myself what was the point of learning how to walk on glass, attempt a staple of carnival shows, do the ol’ Johnny Tremain, and play with some scorching rocket fodder? After thinking for a few minutes it came to me like a bolt of lightning. He was showing that behind every act of wonderment, behind every miracle, behind every divine action, is actually a logical answer. The man used science to prove the insanity that is the mystical and mythical. What most would do with words, Willey does with flare.

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