Thursday, January 27, 2011

(3-1) EXPERT LECTURE: Freeman Dyson

Freeman Dyson, brilliant, accomplished, world renowned and a dozen other words to describe a man who is constantly praised. His work in the various fields of the sciences have, most notably the concept of the Dyson Sphere as well as a whole slew of other theories and published papers. The man is admired and respected by an absurd amount of people. If all this is true, if this man carries so much prestige behind his name, why in the blue blazes do I sense much fear within him? What fear you ask? He fears himself, he fears ridicule.

Dyson claims that science and religion can coexist. He makes it clear that science should not be limited by its boundaries and that another perspective of the supernatural may help to explain even more, to obtain true answers. I find it odd that he does this and then insists that he is an agnostic, again and again. Why do this? Why say this repeatedly? To be honest if he called himself a Christian he’d be taken less seriously. In the world of science if you refuse to place faith and logic on separate pedestals you end up coming up and a blind fool. I am not calling Dyson and idiot by any means, I’m just pointing out how ridiculous it is to claim the middle ground in a field that exists only to find truth.

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