Thursday, January 13, 2011

(1-1) Expert Lecture: Feynman & Russell

As I finished watching both videos, segments, shorts or whatever you’d call the acts of media made available, I walked away with some thoughts, most which were already housed inside that glob of fatty tissue called my brain. From this I gather that is far better to know the sum of a whole than just a whole itself, but under the guidelines of a clear and present mind. What exactly is that clear mind though and how can it be obtained? That’s another question for another time. What these men want is answers and they want them in whole, not as small individual wrapped nuggets that look pretty with a pink bow. Good god these bastards want concrete evidence and won’t except anything shy of a proof that can be tested three eyed bull frog found in the jungle.

While it’s easy and safe to partake in the beauty and surface of something or anything, in the end it all ends up nowhere. Saying a flower or an apple is beautiful leaves you with not much aside from a basis for personal preference. Go deeper than just the whole and ask yourself why that apple or flower beautiful is? Go even deeper and see what the whole is made of and then find out what those parts are made of. You dig deeper and deeper to the brink of insanity and only then can you see what value or merit it actually has. We live in a world full of “is” and “isn’t”, when we should really be boarding in the realm of “how” and “why”.

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