Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My favorite part of “Eleven” was when Kevin Spacey freaks out after the homosexual advances of his friend. Wait I’m sorry, that was American Beauty. After watching this oh so wonderful piece of student film making I thought on what I had just viewed and how many tropes it had set before me. I pondered on the horrible and repetitive use of stock music that had no actual impact on the film aside from being oh so mysterious. I looked back at the use of black and white which in no way incorporated proper lighting and was merely being used as a mean of showing how serious this film was. I sat there and I wondered what the whole point was, if there was any point at all.

A hate crime-murder is committed and some young ace reporter looking for fame is given the task of covering the sad turn of events. Irony then delivers him a blow as he is then murdered by the same men and then made famous because of it. There really isn’t much to this. Yes it shows how horrible humans are, good god if we aren’t beaten over the head with that message enough! Yes it also shows that information can come at a price. Aside from that it shows nothing else, it leaves you wanting something else instead of more. I understand what this film maker was going for; I understand how edgy and hip to the post 9/11 world he was being. At its time of release people probably bought into it out of anger and grief and out of the current trends. In hindsight it falls apart and shows a very lazy and shallow depiction of what hatred and cost actually is.

1/5 stars

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