Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(2-4) ASSIGNED READINGS: Should Skeptical Inquiry Be Applied to Religion?

Should skeptical inquiry be applied to religion? Good gravy, of course it should! Not doing so would be an injustice to the world of the logical and free thinking. The article in question is the work of another brilliant geezer (I see a trend forming) named Paul Kurtz a man of many talents and honors. In his wisdom he reveals that milking the sacred cow for all it actually represents should not ever be off limits. He puts into question the validity of not only dogma but of faith itself. The man displays a mixed bag of logic that will bring any skeptic or man of the sciences to automatic applause.

It’s funny that the faithful are okay with any and all studies as long as it does not apply to their special brand of lunacy. In truth they are only showing arrogance and reason for a good kick in the pants. Kurtz makes it clear that religion has played numerous roles in various fields of studies, from a sociological perspective to a psychological one. What many of the nut jobs fail to see is that what they hold sacred is to others just something else to be studied, tested, poked and prodded and then left somewhere, lying in the gutters.

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