Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(2-2) EXPERT LECTURE: Ken Miller

When the proceedings of what seemed to be a two hour lecture, opened with a priest delivering a prayer, I nearly punched my monitor with a craze not seen since the side show freak called the wild man of Borneo. As rage was beginning to set in I was then relieved to learn that Miller was not some crazed sky god worshipping zealot, but instead a rare example of what his ilk should aspire to be. The man accepts the absurdities of his faith but chooses to separate it from the world of science. Throughout his entire lecture he goes into logical attack mode and tears down the worlds of the back sliders who uphold the illogical tenants of “intelligent design”, two words combined that can’t make sense.

This well-spoken madman goes into detail about the history of the modern attack of learning institutions by the bible thumpers. We learn that these fiends have tried time and time again to penetrate the young malleable minds of the nation by using loopholes and dirty trickery. Placing warning stickers that would make the PMRC blush, on biology books, warning about the faults of evolution. He lets loose the truth behind the smear campaign and the farce that is intelligent design. In truth the Christian power hungry fat cats are acting as that which their ancient incest laden rape book warns against…a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Miller is on the side of logic sprinkled with a dash of madness but he knows this and it makes in a more formidable opponent of the Creationist.

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